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The Tech for Life Summit series aims to grow to become the world's destination for  the best minds to gather for discussions on AI, robotics, climate change and human resiliency. Want to be part of the talented team behind it all?

Tech for Life Summit wouldn’t be possible without an incredible team of employees and contractors, including world-class engineers, data scientists, designers, producers, marketers, salespeople, operations experts and more.


Tech for Life Summit is a global community — and so is our staff. We're headquartered in Paris, France and Portland, Oregon USA, but the collaborative and global nature of our work means we have staffers, advisors and volunteers worldwide. We are constantly on the look out for extraordinary humans up for extraordinary challenges!


Our volunteer program is a great way to get involved with the Tech for Life Summit. Aside from gaining valuable experience working at a fast-paced event, you’ll also gain access to every talk you want to see and have the opportunity to make contacts and connections.

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